About us

“ICSF, Scaling what works through replication and social franchising”  

We work with the world’s most promising social solutions – to end the world’s greatest social needs. We help them achieve the change they aspire to.

Sounds big? It is. We believe impact is what’s needed and that proven social projects must operate at a much greater scale to achieve significant transformational change.

We also know that social change makers and innovators will have more meaningful impact by building on what already works, rather than constantly reinventing the wheel. So we only work with people who want to scale, and who can scale.

Our teams of consultants and researchers have a formula for working hard with our partners to achieve significant social impact:

  • Strategic and practical. We challenge partners to set ambitious social targets, and then help them develop pragmatic strategies to achieve them.
  • Commercial and social. Our team brings both commercial and social expertise from working with some of the world’s most impactful purpose organisations, businesses, and our own research. We are a not-for-profit social enterprise ourselves, investing any surplus back into our social mission, so we ‘get’ the sector.
  • Rigorous process. Scaling is challenging, but not impossible. It requires careful design of a system that works, monitoring, and improvement, backed by solid systems and process which we help design and implement.
  • Connected. We help facilitate the links needed for partners to implement their strategies, from funding to service providers.
  • Successful. We only count our work as a success if our partners create genuine and lasting social impact and we have built this into our impact targets.

“ICSF made an invaluable contribution to the development of our social franchise system and the supporting documentation that we needed to develop. ICSF has a unique mix of business format franchising experience and an understanding and awareness of the challenges faced by organisations in the third sector. We could not have developed our social franchise system so efficiently and quickly – they were there for us every step of the way. We launched our franchise in summer 2013 and within three months had our first three franchise pilots appointed – we are now truly a social franchisor.”
Kieran Daly, Head of Programmes, FoodCycle

See our annual report and accounts ending June 2013 here and June 2014 here.