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Aflatoun is a dynamic bottom-up network of organizations that work together to deliver a social and financial education programme to children. The aim is for children to learn about themselves, their rights, and basic financial concepts. Over one million children have participated in Aflatoun, and the target is to reach ten million by 2015. Aflatoun’s success is partly based on a social-franchis...Read More


BasicNeeds is expanding across the world through social franchising, with the mission of bringing a lasting change in the lives of mentally-ill people around the world. Mental illness is often ignored, especially in developing countries. With an often complete lack of locally available, free mental healthcare, desperately poor mentally ill people stand little hope of recovery. Working with mentall...Read More

Chance UK

Chance UK is an early intervention charity that prevents crime and anti-social behaviour by providing mentors to children aged 5-11 with behavioural difficulties.  Chance UK mentors meet with a child for 2-4 hours, once a week, for a year. They do activities together such as sports, visiting museums, creating a scrapbook…anything that will enthuse and engage a child. The mentor will use specifi...Read More

Child Line India

Child Line India operates a toll-free 24-hour helpline for children in India. They provide medical assistance, shelter and counselling for children facing emergency situations, then help the children escape abusive environments. They also conduct research on child-related issues and are building a network of legal, medical, economic and media professionals to advocate for such issues. Since sta...Read More

Christians Against Poverty

Christians Against Poverty (CAP) is a charitable organisation founded in 1996 by John Kirkby in his hometown Bradford, with the objective of helping those in debt. CAP now has three social franchises – CAP Debt Help (debt counseling and management service), CAP Money Courses (money budgeting course) CAP Job Clubs (offer support to try to get people back into employment). From the outset, the ...Read More
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Dialogue in the Dark

We offer exhibitions and business workshops in total darkness. In the exhibition, blind guides lead visitors through a completely dark environment where one learns to interact by relying on other senses. The business workshops are led by professional trainers who are blind. The workshop activities provide an innovative and powerful tool for human resource development, reinforcing a collaborative m...Read More
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Foodbank, a project of the Trussell Trust, trains churches and communities in the UK to set up foodbanks. Foodbanks receive donations of in-date, non-perishable food from individuals, schools, churches and local businesses, and also conduct events at supermarkets where volunteers ask shoppers to buy extra items for people in need. Volunteers then sort the food into nutritionally balanced food boxe...Read More
fruit to suit

fruit to suit

fruit to suit is a social enterprise established in 2007 by Terrie Johnson, a concerned teacher and single mum who wanted to help children to adopt better eating habits. More recently, the programme has been adapted to help children develop business skills. Currently, fruit to suit has 9 franchisees and delivers fun and engaging business and enterprise programs to more than 150 primary and seconda...Read More
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Komosie Belgum

KOMOSIE manages two reuse and energy saving brands in Belgium, De Kringwinkel and Energiesnoeiers (Energy Savers). De Kringwinkel is a federation of high quality, well designed and laid out shops selling used goods. End of 2011 there were 118 Kringwinkels, as the individual shops are called, operating across the Flanders region of Belgium. This non-profit organisation collects over 59 000 to...Read More

One Family Health

OneFamilyHealth works in Kenya and Rwanda, helping franchisees to establish Child and Family Wellness (CFW) Health Posts. These Health Posts provide medicines for common killer diseases like malaria, respiratory infections and dysentery, as well as health education and prevention services. OneFamilyHealth monitors the quality of healthcare and drugs throughout the system, and provides healthcare a...Read More


Sidai Africa is a social enterprise operating in the livestock sector in Kenya. Their aim is to revolutionize how livestock and veterinary services are offered to farmers, creating a more sustainable model of livestock service delivery. By 2015, Sidai aims for a network of at least 150 franchised Livestock Service Centres in Kenya. Each franchise will provide quality animal husbandry and health go...Read More

Tatty Bumpkin

Tatty Bumpkin was established in 2004 by Sam Petter, with the objective to help the development of babies and young children’s emotional, physical and communication skills, through the provision of specially adapted yoga classes. The Tatty Bumpkin and Baby Bumpkin programmes were designed by health professionals to align with the Early Years C...Read More
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The Congo Leadership Initiative

The Congo Leadership Initiative develops the next generation of leaders to be catalysts for peace and prosperity in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. CLI empowers young leaders using an intensive leadership training program. Delivery of the training is conducted through a network of organizations across Congo, each of which contributes to program costs, tracks metrics to measure program succes...Read More


Tonnic is the action community for global impact investing with the vision of a global financial ecosystem, which operates to create positive social and environmental impact. Its mission is to empower impact investors. They provide a powerful suite of investor tools giving easy access to high quality deals, process support, education, and an expert peer group. Investing out of their own accoun...Read More
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Total Reuse CIC

Total Reuse CIC is a social enterprise based in Lancashire that is dedicated to supporting the health and wellbeing of the 50+ male populations. Our Tool Shed initiative has won two awards  for ‘Best Project’ including the prestigious national Award for Excellence in Waste Management and Recycling. The Tool Shed, based on the Australian model...Read More

Tunza Network (Population Services International)

Tunza Kenya, launched in 2008, is a social franchise run by Population Services International/ Kenya who have partnered with select private sector health service providers to provide quality family planning services and create the Tunza Family Health Network. PSI/ Kenya, affiliated to Population Services International, is the national leader in health marketing, aiming to improve the health of Ken...Read More

YMCA Scotland – Plus One Mentoring

YMCA is the oldest and largest charity organisation in the UK, who works with young people helping them to build a future. It was established in London by George Williams in 1844. Currently has over 45 million members in 119 countries across the globe. Plusone Mentoring is a programme developed by the YMCA’s Scottish branch in 2009, which aims...Read More
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Youth Hostel Association UK

YHA is the national Youth Hostel charity.  Our vision is to reach out and enhance the lives of young people.  Our network of 200 Youth Hostels, bunkhouses and camping barns offers everyone, and particularly young people, a great experience, enhancing learning, skills development and personal growth.  We have a long tradition of inclusivity and sociability and we are part of a world-wide communi...Read More