Posted By on May 6, 2012 12:35 pm

Aflatoun is a dynamic bottom-up network of organizations that work together to deliver a social and financial education programme to children. The aim is for children to learn about themselves, their rights, and basic financial concepts. Over one million children have participated in Aflatoun, and the target is to reach ten million by 2015. Aflatoun’s success is partly based on a social-franchising dissemination strategy. The goal is an easy-to-replicate programme allowing for local modifications. The Aflatoun Secretariat (the franchiser) provides core content (programmatic and organizational), technical support through dedicated staff, a common brand, and learning opportunities to a partner (the franchisee) who works directly with children. Partners modify material to make it relevant for the children they work with. This results in locally relevant educational material based common principles and shared practices. Partners are also empowered through the governance of Aflatoun, which forms the majority of the board and provides organizational direction.