Many promising nonprofits and social enterprises in the UK are looking to scale up their proven solutions to social issues to reach more people, but often need additional skills, resources and capacity to make this happen.

Scale Accelerator ensures social organisations can access the support package they need. It provides space to develop a clear plan at a critical stage in their journey, to increase their impact and avoid costly mistakes.

 Core outputs of the programme include:

  • Creation of an ambitious yet realistic two year acceleration plan from strategy and business model development to detailed implementation from ICSF
  • Group leadership training from the School of Social Entrepreneurs (SSE)
  • Support to better improve their monitoring and evaluation processes from The Social Innovation Partnership (TSIP)

Alongside individual and group participant support, Scale Accelerator aims to capture and share learnings from the programme to help other nonprofits, social enterprises and supporting organisations to understand what it really takes to scale, from practical experience.

Our Scaling Social Impact in the UK report captures lessons from the 2015/16 pilot Scale Accelerator. We plan to apply these learnings to our current and future cohorts and hope the insights will be of benefit to social purpose organisations aiming to scale their impact and those who wish to support them.

Led by ICSF, participants also benefit from expert support of delivery partners

The following organisations are taking part in the 2017 Scale Accelerator

Previous participants - 2015/16 cohort

Scale Accelerator has been funded by the following organisations

We’ve learned an awful lot. We’ve learned it’s a lot more complicated than we thought it was going to be…Without the support and guidance there would have been a lot of areas we might have overlooked.

Scale Accelerator Participant

I want to say just how grateful we are for the opportunity…we really wouldn’t have got to the position we are now without the support of the Scale Accelerator Programme. So it has been invaluable for the organisation – and what I really appreciate is the flexibility, it didn’t feel like they’ve put a straight-jacket on us. That kind of quality and flexibility of support has been fantastic!

Scale Accelerator Participant

We are currently working with our 2017 cohort and plan to launch our next cohort later this year. We are also exploring ways we can implement the Scale Accelerator Programme in the US and international markets. If you’d like to learn more about Scale Accelerator or to be involved in the 2017/2018 cohort please contact us.