We know organisations delivering community-transforming work can spend a lot of time and precious resources trying to figure out the best way to grow. This is where we come in. We have pioneered a framework to unpack and demystify the complex arena of scaling social impact.

Our systematic 5 stage methodology, detailed in our open source Toolkit, is designed to enable organisations to identify, design and implement the right model to deliver their impact at a much larger scale. We meet our clients wherever they are on their journey to scale, whether it be in assessing their readiness to scale (stage 1) or helping get their pilot off the ground (stage 4).

We carry out three main activities to work towards achieving our charitable mission:

Consultancy: We deliver consultancy through our five-stage process, helping our clients to achieve their social mission by scaling their impact through replication. This consultancy is delivered through workshops, field visits, staff meetings and report and financial model development. Where clients have already reached scale, we help them review their existing network to consider how it can be strengthened to better help them work towards their organisational goals.

Research: We contribute towards the global knowledge base on scale up and replication, recognising areas where there are gaps in existing sector knowledge. We are currently updating our well-regarded, open source Toolkit with fresh knowledge and research.

Advocacy: We promote sector-wide awareness and understanding of social replication as a method to systematically scale social impact. To do this we speak at conferences globally, write articles and deliver training courses and seminars.


ICSF were a pleasure to work with; they did a splendid job of clear reporting back on a complex brief and were always helpful in providing candid insights in a constructive, pragmatic way that kept our project moving forward positively.

Duncan Learmouth, Senior Vice President, GSK